ATR 72-500 Atg - Aerosof

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ATR 72-500 Atg - Aerosof

Mensaje por Josf el Jue Nov 29, 2012 3:50 pm

FELICITACIONES ATG por el gran trabajo

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Accurate flight model (tested by an ATR 72-500 First Officer)
Highly detailed and fully animated exterior model (animated control surfaces, propellers, landing gear and main doors)
Highly detailed and fully animated 3d cockpit (animated levers, buttons, sunscreens,…)
HD textures with normal maps
High frames per second
Interior and exterior night lights
Detailed passengers cabin
Custom sounds
Liveries available: American Eagle, FedEX Express , British Airways Connect, Airlinair-Air France, Alitalia Express, Iberia Air Nostrum, Binter, Air New Zealand,…


Fire Protection
Fuel system (Fuel Temperature Indicator not simulated)
Power Plant (Condition Levers not fully functional; Hotel Mode not simulated)
Flight Controls
Flight Instruments
Automatic Flight Control System
Centralized Crew Alerting System (not fully simulated)
Landing Gear and Breaks (not fully simulated)
Electrical system (AC Wild not simulated)
Ice and rain protection
Flight Management System (X-Plane default FMS)


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